I do what it does.

That’s Riiiiiggghht!

Yo what it is, what it do?!  Welcome back to The World of THREAT!  So yo…I’m droppin’ this one on y’all yet again…cuz it’s like that right now…That’s Riiiiggghht!  This joint right here is my JOINT ya dig?!  My homey Scolaro whipped up the sounds in his studio aka The Orchard and I went in on the darts…I wrote this entire jenk, bars and hooks, while on my brief hiatus of sorts…and the topic matter touches on some real talk I’ve been meaning to address for quite some time now…look, I love Richmond, VA…it’s a nice lil city (town) where one can get their grind on and make moves…not exactly the biggest market to say the least, but certainly a viable proving ground where one can master their craft before venturing onto bigger and badder pastures.  But on the real…Richmond’s populous could use a bit of a humble attitude adjustment…STOP takin’ yourself so seriously and being so JELLY!  Stop judging others y’all and keep ya nose in ya own 8-ball ya smell me?!  Haha…Chyeaaaaa!

Joe THREAT – “That’s Right”


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