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Gritty City Records Performing Live in Memory of Daniel Davidson aka Seap One at Emilios

Seap One

Seap One

Yo what it is, what it do…

So yo, check it…Saturday May 25th at Emilio’s in Richmond, VA Gritty City Records will be celebrating the life of Seap One.

Please show your support for a truly talented yet tortured soul who left us far too prematurely and join us as we pay homage to his art and his life.

Peep the link for details here.

If you haven’t already, be sure to download Seap One’s debut masterpiece, “The Sickness of Seap.”



Threat Thursday – Joe Threat – “Savage Truth” (Tribute to SeapOne of Gritty City Records)



Rest In Power SeapOne. I miss you homie. This one’s for you brotheR.

Save me a seat by the fire.


Please show your support/love for the real hip hop by clicking on the link above on Seap’s name and download Seap’s MASTERPIECE debut album…

The Sickness of Seap.

Fan Ran of The Pyrex Palace



Yo what it is, what it do?! So yo check it…I’ve been grindin’ like crazy recently and so here is what’s happening…

Sinister Circus is my 2nd album (follow up to Torch Lit Passages) and it’s basically finished! All that’s left to do is mixing/mastering, and album artwork. The production is crazy on this project…got heavy hitters like Scolaro, Dr. Data, Octopus Drummer, and Fan Ran providin’ the soundscape for it, so stay tuned and keep ya ear to the street for this joint.

Wicked OCD EP is a mixtape kind of deal and it’s pretty much done as well. Production for this project was mainly handled by Fan Ran and Octopus Drummer and as a whole this offering is made up of dark/vicious rhymes. Just lettin’ people know I still spit venom like a cobra when need be. It’s all about BALANCE people.

Aloof Insider is my 3rd album (follow up to Sinister Circus and completes the trilogy, the Torch Lit Passages led me to the Sinister Circus which made me an Aloof Insider) and is off to a solid start. Already have a good handful of tracks recorded for this project and so far I believe it is truly my finest work to date.

But, with all that 411 outta the way, now let us get to the man…Fan Ran. Look if you love hip hop and are an MC lookin for beats, yo do yaself a favor and hit the link and peep Fan Ran’s catalog of DOPE. The man is killin the game right now with his signature ‘Crate Trap’ steez, givin hip hop heads the neck snappin head nod anthems they love to rock to. Support the real and yaself at the same damn time and invest in a Pyrex Palace heat rock from Fan Ran.

And in the meantime, check out the video below and get a brief glimpse into the world of a master of the MPC. Chyea!

Hip hop at it’s finest ladies and gentlemen.

Seap One – The Sickness of Seap


What it is, yo…what it do. So yo check it…hip hop has just received a gem from one of the culture’s most savage warriors.

Seap One of Gritty City Records just released his album, The Sickness of Seap and ladies and gentlemen…prepare for a truly intense ride. Composed of lyrics spoken from the chest which spew from the depths of a darkness most of you will never experience let alone have the guts to even imagine knowing truly in the slightest form. This album is like a by product of Darth Vader and Medusa while Trainspotting with the King of New York. Yeah, so I dare you to put down the swag and the false sense of glamorization and step into a world of pain, suffering, redemption, and ultimately…a sickness. The landscape of sounds are provided by Fan Ran of The Pyrex Palace, Delta Automatik of Gritty CIty Records, Profound 79, & Poe Mack so you know the beats are knockin. Be sure to support the real, click the link, and download an artist’s work who truly put his life on record.

Fastlane. Gritty City. Main St. Mafia. Shawty.

Seap One – Remastered (prod. by Fan Ran)

Oh and be sure to check this snippet from the forthcoming raplife documentary.

Eric Stanley


What it is?! Yo ladies and gentlemen…meet Eric Stanley. This is what happens when hip hop and a violin virtuoso combine forces.

Kendrick Lamar – Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe (Eric Stanley – Violin)

Cuda Brown – Bath Times for Bartholomew Bear

Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 11.13.44 AM


What it do?! So yo check it…This dude here is part of the Fugitive 9 rhyme collective. His name is Cuda Brown and well…he’s got several words he’d like to share. Peep the video below and get a vivid glimpse into the world of a mad MC and uh…enjoy the naked chick in the bathtub! Haha…check it…

Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 11.13.45 AM

Cuda Brown – Bath Times for Bartholomew Bear

Fugitive 9 – Critical Massive



What it is?! So yo check it…Fugitive 9 is a collection of MCs or as they like to call themselves, “a collective of geniuses.” and they are…


Yo…this is that dope sh!t and you should have it in your life. So go ahead and click the link above to download their first volume of what I hope is many more projects on this level of lyrical prowess. In the meantime, here’s a lil taste of their sickness…

Delta Automatik – Time’s Up