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One Way Richmond – Sinister Circus

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Yo what it is, what it do?! So yo…the folks over at One Way Richmond took the time to check out Sinister Circus and this is what they had to say, check it out!

Summer of Hip Hop – Richmond 2013/Part 1

Major shout out to One Way Richmond for taking the time to check out my latest.
More DOPE is on the way.

Stay tuned…


Die Antwoord – “Cookie Thumper”

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Die Antwoord – Cookie Thumper

Fan Ran ft. Skweeky Watahfawls & Johnny Ciggs – “Hunnid Dolla Bills”

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Yo what it is, what it do?! So yo check it…if you haven’t seen this…ya late, and ya need to peep it…now.

Peep the links below to stay tuned to all the homies…
Fan Ran
Gritty City Records

DJ Shadow – BBC1 Essential Mix

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Yo what it is, what it do?!…So yo check it, if ya don’t know about DJ Shadow, you’re seriously slippin…push play, and learn UP.

Masta Killa – “Things Just Aint The Same”

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Yo what it is, what it do?! So yo…check it…Masta Killa of the legendary Wu-Tang Clan is a fuckin DOPE lyricist. Straight up. And this video here is a genuine depiction of the culture I love. Peep the visual…

Threat Thursday – Joe Threat – “Savage Truth” (Tribute to SeapOne of Gritty City Records)



Rest In Power SeapOne. I miss you homie. This one’s for you brotheR.

Save me a seat by the fire.


Please show your support/love for the real hip hop by clicking on the link above on Seap’s name and download Seap’s MASTERPIECE debut album…

The Sickness of Seap.

Seap One – The Sickness of Seap


What it is, yo…what it do. So yo check it…hip hop has just received a gem from one of the culture’s most savage warriors.

Seap One of Gritty City Records just released his album, The Sickness of Seap and ladies and gentlemen…prepare for a truly intense ride. Composed of lyrics spoken from the chest which spew from the depths of a darkness most of you will never experience let alone have the guts to even imagine knowing truly in the slightest form. This album is like a by product of Darth Vader and Medusa while Trainspotting with the King of New York. Yeah, so I dare you to put down the swag and the false sense of glamorization and step into a world of pain, suffering, redemption, and ultimately…a sickness. The landscape of sounds are provided by Fan Ran of The Pyrex Palace, Delta Automatik of Gritty CIty Records, Profound 79, & Poe Mack so you know the beats are knockin. Be sure to support the real, click the link, and download an artist’s work who truly put his life on record.

Fastlane. Gritty City. Main St. Mafia. Shawty.

Seap One – Remastered (prod. by Fan Ran)

Oh and be sure to check this snippet from the forthcoming raplife documentary.