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Gent & Jawns



Yo what it do…check out this heavy joint along with the rest of their catalog.


Example – Eyeballs Painted Black

Yo what it is?! Yo check this joint by British rapper/singer dude, Example…heard this track like 2 years ago and finally found it to share with y’all…sick Stones sample…check it…

Example – Eyeballs Painted Black

Die Antwoord on Letterman…

Yo what it is, what it do?! Welcome back to the World of Threat…so yo…Die Antwoord recently dropped a new album, Ten$ion, and of course people/critics either love it or hate it…I appreciate Die Antwoord for what they represent and what they do…they provoke thought(s) and create reactions to their audio and visual art…f*ck anyone who doesn’t get you or your art, keep it movin’ like ‘the answer’…

Die Antwoord – I Fink U Freeky live on David Letterman

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