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Joe Threat – “Happiness”


Yo what it is, what it do?! So yo…Mondays SUCK. Right?! I mean, that’s life though…There’s always gonna be stuff like Mondays gettin in the way of your happiness BUT does it have to be like that?!?! Check out my joint, Happiness (from my Promise Of Threat Mixtape) and get a taste of my personal approach to maintaining that pleasant state of mind…


Bird Peterson – Birdland Vol. 1

Happy Friday. Enjoy.


That’s right people, it’s FRIDAY!  For those of you fortunate to be employed this might be your payday and begining of the weekend once you get off work tonight!  For those of you who’s grind continues through the weekend, more power to you, and keep ya hustle UP!

So I’m sure you all have plans whether it’s to kick back and chill at the crib, watch movies, sports, TV shows while drinking and possibly smoking some of God’s finest agriculture, or go out and party like a rock star (I don’t mind if ya mention names, wink wink) but whatever it is ya do this weekend let’s try to take a moment and think about people all over the world that need our positive energy.

Mother nature struck in Japan with a crazy earthquake and tsunami and now there are more tsunami warnings across the globe as a result.  Let’s keep those victims and potential victims in our thoughts and prayers while we have the opportunity and good fortune to enjoy ourselves as we do each weekend.  Positive energy and love are two amazingly powerful forces we ALL have the capability of harnessing, so please, do your part and pray for those who need it most right now.

And with that I leave you with a Threat banger for Friday!

“Florence” produced by Octopus Drummer, enjoy!