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Joe Threat – “Happiness”


Yo what it is, what it do?! So yo…Mondays SUCK. Right?! I mean, that’s life though…There’s always gonna be stuff like Mondays gettin in the way of your happiness BUT does it have to be like that?!?! Check out my joint, Happiness (from my Promise Of Threat Mixtape) and get a taste of my personal approach to maintaining that pleasant state of mind…


Thoughtful Tuesday…Just Sayin’.

Welcome back people to the ever so eventful World Of Threat!

Just to let ya know, ya boy is grindin’ in full-throttle mode, and as a result I figured I’d take a minute to chill and share some thoughts.

Now I realize that recently I have alluded to a “forced downtime” in my life, wherein I was put in a position by what I firmly believe was God’s work…and subsequently I was forced to take my passion of making music to a higher level.

I’ve decided in the past few days to curtail the disclosure of the details which lead to that “forced downtime,” for it will eventually all surface through the music I have on the way.  Believe that!

More notably I believe it is the mind-set which I adopted throughout the past 6 months or so that I feel compelled to share with all those who are checking out http://www.JoeTHREAT.com.

We all struggle through life on a daily basis, and anyone who denies that is either blissfully insane ( I kinda envy those people, “kinda”) or just straight up IN denial.  I see people in relationships struggling to maintain what could be a beneficial coexistence, I see (and hear) haters all day long, and I’m subjected (not by choice) to ignorant people in public constantly whining and complaining about things that are truly NOT WORTH complaining about.

All I humbly offer to people suffering by the aforementioned symptoms of negativity is to simply challenge yourself to THINK DIFFERENTLY.  Realize you are not the only person dealing with the issues of life and the bullsh*t it serves relentlessly.  My theory is this…we live in a world constantly plagued with negativity and sin, so why link up with that energy and inadvertently be part of the forces that make this world so difficult to cope with?!

My altruistic request to all humans is to align yourself with the forces of positive energy and be part of a movement that aims to EDIFY and improve the conditions of this world we were all forced to live in.

My hypothesis is that we would soon find all these daily struggles dissipating at the mercy of our good will.

I mean, don’t get it twisted I’m all for some PARTY & BULLSH*T and gettin’ it IN, but all I’m sayin’ is…keep it light and good hearted and try not to sh*t on anyone’s parade along the way.

Til the next episode…