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Threat Thursday – “What It Does/Revolution”


Yo what it is, what it do?! So yo…it’s time for another Threat Thursday and this time around I have a lyrical opus from my

Promise Of Threat Mixtape Vol. 1

Produced by Octopus Drummer of Attic Boy Records/Studio.

Joe Threat – What It Does/Revolution


World of THREAT

Yo what it is, what it do?! Welcome back to the World of THREAT…so yo, a lot has transpired in the past 12 months to say the least…let’s take a look at some bullet points shall we?

~ Had to go away, did that, and got out on July 4th…

~ Officially released my first album, Torch Lit Passages, which is available on iTunes.

~Rocked some shows in Richmond, VA at various venues/bars etc…

~ Officially released my first mixtape, Promise Of Threat, which is available for free download right here.

~ Started working on second album, Sinister Circus, which should be completed in the next month or so.

~ Rocked more shows/benefit events at various venues in Richmond, VA.

~ Extremely humbled that I received recognition in various publications for my tunes…

~ Got a rack of http://www.JoeThreat.com stickers printed up at RvaStickers.com

~ Started outlining the next two projects…an EP entitled Wicked with beats by Fan Ran of Divine Profitz and the 3rd album entitled, Aloof Insider…see the 3 albums make a sentence...The Torch Lit Passages led me to the Sinister Circus, which made me an Aloof Insider.

So yo, that’s basically it for now…hustle and flow…don’t stop til ya get enough cuz ya can’t knock the hustle…chyea.

Aight, til the next episode…


Attic Boy Records / Sin Righteous Records Present … Joe THREAT – Promise Of Threat Mixtape vol. 1

Yo what it is, what it do?! Welcome back to the World of Threat…so yo…the time is here, the time is NOW…it’s 4/20 and the highly (pun INtended) anticipated mixtape is now available for FREE download at 2 sites…check the links…www.cdbaby.com/cd/JoeThreat3 or at www.JoeThreat.bandcamp.com!

This joint was produced by Octopus Drummer of Attic Boy Records so be sure to check him out!

In the meantime, I shall leave all you awesome people with the P.O.T. intro…check it…

Word up…so there you have it…be sure to download that jenk and tell all your homies and homiettes bout it…’preciate ya!

Til the next episode…


Promise Of Threat MIxtape Vol. 1 Prod. By Octopus Drummer

Yo what it is, what it do? Welcome back to the…the…the World of THREAT. So Yo…last year I worked with Octopus Drummer in the Attic Boy Studio. It was dope. It was nonstop writing. A lot of hopping…on one foot (real walkie talkie), and an unbelievable amount of ethereal faith. Uh, at any rate the whole process spawned what is soon to be known in the annals of hip hop as…

Promise Of Threat Mixtape Vol. 1.

Here’s a track from the mixtape you may or may not have heard already…

Available soon on itunes.

Til the next episode…


THREAT Thursday.


Yo what it is, what it do?!  Welcome back to the World of THREAT!  So yo www.Magazine33.com recently published part 2 of their article on yours truly and I am humbled by their words and am grateful people have taken the time to check out my material.

Speaking of which, my first album, which was recorded in 2009…

Torch Lit Passages

(Produced By Scolaro of the Orchard Studio, Richmond, VA)

is finally availble online at…



Promise Of Threat Mixtape vol. 1

(Produced By Octopus Drummer of Attic Boy Records, Richmond, VA)


Sinister Circus

(The follow up to Torch Lit Passages with production by Octopus Drummer, Scolaro, and Dr. Data)

Also I have a show at Bonvenu in Carytown Richmond, VA on Friday December 16th 10pm…FREE!  Come out and enjoy some of Richmond’s finest Hip Hop acts and party with us at one of the coolest spots in Richmond, VA. Check them out at http://bonvenu.com/!

In the mean time here is the link to the Magazine33 article…


Til the next episode…stay positive & make the most of every day…


FRIDAY…you know what it is!

Yo what it is, what it do?!  Welcome back to The World of THREAT!  So yo…it’s Friday y’all…like I gotta tell y’all…I hope all you super duper people out there have a good time this weekend doin’ whatever it is y’all do…As for me?  Yeah, I got my routine…speakin’ of which…Wiz Khalifa and Curren$y share an appreciation for Mother Nature just like ya future favorite rapper, ya dig?!…Check out this remix…

Curren$y & Wiz Khalifa ft. Joe THREAT – SDL REMIX

Til the next episode…roll big and smoke good…PEACE.