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Joe Threat – Sinister Circus


Yo what it is, what it do?! So yo…check it…I just dropped my 2nd album…

Sinister Circus

And it’s available for FREE download, so go ahead and hit the link and add it to ya library of tunes.

Production by, Scolaro, Dr. Data, Fan Ran, & Octopus Drummer.
Executive Producer Octopus Drummer of Attic Boy Records.

Major s/o and thank you to ALL who played a part in this albums fruition and to ALL those who put up with me along the way and to all those who support, download my tunes, come to my shows, and motivate and inspire me everyday…THANK YOU.


Til the next episode…



Fan Ran of The Pyrex Palace



Yo what it is, what it do?! So yo check it…I’ve been grindin’ like crazy recently and so here is what’s happening…

Sinister Circus is my 2nd album (follow up to Torch Lit Passages) and it’s basically finished! All that’s left to do is mixing/mastering, and album artwork. The production is crazy on this project…got heavy hitters like Scolaro, Dr. Data, Octopus Drummer, and Fan Ran providin’ the soundscape for it, so stay tuned and keep ya ear to the street for this joint.

Wicked OCD EP is a mixtape kind of deal and it’s pretty much done as well. Production for this project was mainly handled by Fan Ran and Octopus Drummer and as a whole this offering is made up of dark/vicious rhymes. Just lettin’ people know I still spit venom like a cobra when need be. It’s all about BALANCE people.

Aloof Insider is my 3rd album (follow up to Sinister Circus and completes the trilogy, the Torch Lit Passages led me to the Sinister Circus which made me an Aloof Insider) and is off to a solid start. Already have a good handful of tracks recorded for this project and so far I believe it is truly my finest work to date.

But, with all that 411 outta the way, now let us get to the man…Fan Ran. Look if you love hip hop and are an MC lookin for beats, yo do yaself a favor and hit the link and peep Fan Ran’s catalog of DOPE. The man is killin the game right now with his signature ‘Crate Trap’ steez, givin hip hop heads the neck snappin head nod anthems they love to rock to. Support the real and yaself at the same damn time and invest in a Pyrex Palace heat rock from Fan Ran.

And in the meantime, check out the video below and get a brief glimpse into the world of a master of the MPC. Chyea!

Hip hop at it’s finest ladies and gentlemen.

Threat Thursday…Drop the Beat ft. Dr. Data

Yo what it is, what it do?! So yo…check it…I’ve nearly completed my second album, Sinister Circus and am pretty stoked on this project…so stoked I decided to drop another joint for your online listening pleasure. This joint is produced by Scolaro and features Dr. Data cuttin’ up the 1’s & 2’s. Check it out…

Joe Threat – Drop the Beat ft. Dr. Data

Threat Thursday…Sinister Circus.

Yo what it is, what it do?! Welcome back to the World of Threat…

So yo, check it…I’ve been in the lab for a clip now cookin’ up that marvelous. My second full length album, Sinister Circus is about finished and should be available on itunes and all other pay for download sites by the end of the year. In the meantime, I’m gonna bless y’all with one more leaked track for your your free streaming pleasure. Yo, listen…

Joe Threat ft. Scolaro – Sinister Circus

Til the next episode…


Down With The Sun

Yo what it do?! So yo, check it…here’s a few lil verses from a forthcoming track produced by Octopus Drummer featuring Aeon Yahweh…check it…go on and zone out…kill highs like a downer…hahaha…

Joe Threat ft. Aeon Yahweh – Down With The Sun

Down With The Sun

Tropics of decay breed life into zombies

Enlightened by darkness til contrasts upon we

A blanket of stress in a daily routine

Makes a savior seem entitled to ungodly duties

Anointed sworn secrecy forlorn and bored frequently

Changin’ the score when adorned and scored frequently

A thousand of blunts astounded by none

In a void annoyed I’m screamin’…

Down With The Sun

Y’all feel me like pressure underwater with words

Liquid Sword flow cement and submerge

Curtains of darkness peel back murals of sunshine

Servants to harvest feel trapped curse the sunrise

Sleep in the deep catalyst of abyss

Army of shadows in silent warships

Make waves in ways like bloodhounds on the run

Hot on the trail I’m screamin’…

Down With The Sun

Midnight of solitude rare form foundation

Mastermind monk meditating on hatred

Inherit the Wind but don’t judge evolution

As offense to your faith relied on solution

I fill voids with shadows in a graveyard ya get

When I bring back to life all the things that I did

Yeah, I’m brining ’em back to life

Without the sunlight

Down With The Sun

Grindin’ through the struggle in the riot of stress

Rhymin’ fuels the hustle and it’s quiet is kept

While y’all tweet ya fantasies I’m livin’ it in the streets

And it’s not all what it seems than ya made up make believe


Do me a favor and dead it

Cuz ya formats like a doormat, my dirts not ya credit

Yo my dirts not ya credit I said it


Listen up

Down With The Sun

Joe Threat PSA…

Yo what it is…here’s a lil Public Service Announcement from yours truly…

Say tuned…

Attic Boy Records / Sin Righteous Records Present … Joe THREAT – Promise Of Threat Mixtape vol. 1

Yo what it is, what it do?! Welcome back to the World of Threat…so yo…the time is here, the time is NOW…it’s 4/20 and the highly (pun INtended) anticipated mixtape is now available for FREE download at 2 sites…check the links…www.cdbaby.com/cd/JoeThreat3 or at www.JoeThreat.bandcamp.com!

This joint was produced by Octopus Drummer of Attic Boy Records so be sure to check him out!

In the meantime, I shall leave all you awesome people with the P.O.T. intro…check it…

Word up…so there you have it…be sure to download that jenk and tell all your homies and homiettes bout it…’preciate ya!

Til the next episode…