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Joe Threat – “Happiness”


Yo what it is, what it do?! So yo…Mondays SUCK. Right?! I mean, that’s life though…There’s always gonna be stuff like Mondays gettin in the way of your happiness BUT does it have to be like that?!?! Check out my joint, Happiness (from my Promise Of Threat Mixtape) and get a taste of my personal approach to maintaining that pleasant state of mind…


Happy Friday…

Yo, what it is, what it do?!

Happy Friday to all you cool people out there.

And since it’s that day of the week…

Light Em Up!

Threat Thursday – That’s Right

Photo courtesy of: Justin Lewis of Attic Boy Records

Yo what it is, what it do?! Welcome back to the World of Threat…so, yo…you may or may not have heard this joint before…but, either way…as I get closer to completing the Sinister Circus project I’m gonna be pushin’ this single hard on y’all…if ya dig it, put ya peoples on to it and help a brotha spread the word like jam…Joe Threat…I live this sh!t. Check it…

Joe Threat – That’s Right

I’m a hip hop drunky, borderline junky/

Dro head, Joe Threat, made something outta nothing/

Through the struggle and pain I sound like a monk/

But when apathy hits, I flip to town drunk/

Still hustle pumpin’ shapes of consumption/

Bad habit addict complicated the function/

Kinda easy being greasy when ya every bit sleazy/

I’m at war with myself, I can’t sign the treaty/

Still I’m grateful and blessed/

While you b!tches talk sh!t but never say it to Threat/

See me in the streets front ya smile to Joe/

But, when I’m not around you wanna say I’m a joke/

That sh!t gets me lifted like an onion of blunt highs/

I write raps, fight back, you get hit with my punchlines/

Step in the lunch line, get served with a tray/

A cold dish of vengeance, desert of dismay/

That’s right – I do what it does

That’s right – I do it all for the love

That’s right – I risked my freedom and more, to provide you with a vibe and stay high with the force

That’s right – I do what it does

That’s right – I do it all for the love

That’s right – I risked my freedom and more, to provide you with a vibe and stay high with the force

I rap facts in action, retract infractions like matchin’/

Weed blunts we smashin’, black – red scheme steez of passion/

I seize g’s like latches when I need keys to cash in/

No sleep relaxin’, stay on my grind/

24/7 – 365/

Simple math stats, my raps multiply/

Joe Threat aint ya average MC with rhymes/

My elements combine/

Days future past in a present state of mind/

It’s like heaven when I’m high off the essence of my lines/

Notebooks of dope, be the blessin’s I design, time/

Waits for no one so I’m, hell bent to get mine/

Free the masses from crime, where the devil resides…

That’s Right – I do what it does

That’s right  – I do it all for the love

That’s right – I risked my freedom and more, to provide you with a vibe and stay high with the force

That’s right – I do what it does

That’s right – I do it all for the love

That’s right – I risked my freedom and more, to provide you with a vibe and stay high with the force


Threat Thursday

“Learn what I’m talkin’ about/

Burn it like I copped an ounce/

Sesame the streets like I’m Oscar the Grouch/

Aint nothin’ left to say to you/

When true colors revealed/

I never had much faith in you/

I’m just keepin’ it real/

The last of a dying breed/

Rappin’ like fashion/

Aint nobopdy high as me/

My actions attractive…”

– Joe Threat

Darts from the forthcoming track, “Dirty Skills”

Copyright 2012 Sin Righteous Records

Hey yo…listen up f*ckers…

Yo what it is, what it do?! Welcome back to the World of THREAT. So yo check it…I am Joe Threat…I do what it does, and I do it nonstop…and I will continue to do what I do…ya smell me?!…so, here’s a lil joint from me to you. Enjoy.

Collie Budz – Blind To You

Til the next episode,

Quit wastin’ ya time hatin’…


Thursday Feb. 9th 2012 @ The National Richmond, VA

Yo what it is, what it do?! Welcome back to the World of Threat…so yo, Thursday February 9th at The National in Richmond, VA yours truly will be rockin’ the crowd with DJ Evil J and Dr. Data…we’re opening for Asap Rocky(click on his name to go to his facebook page)…check it, you can peep The National’s site for tix and details right here. DJ Evil J, Dr. Data, and myself have been puttin’ in work on the set-list (yeah the set-list is wicked solid) and we’re lookin’ forward to rockin’ it for some new faces…so be sure to come out to The National and party with us…sh!t is gonna be propadopalis…in the meantime enjoy this banger from my forthcoming album, Sinister Circus

Joe Threat – That’s Right ft. Scolaro

Til the next episode…


Threat self centered rant…

Yo what it is, what it do?! Welcome back to the World of THREAT…so yo, check it, here is a random rant about things I like and some things I don’t like…not too sure how to do this, but I guess I’ll set it off wit some of my favorite things in life…


Color: Green

Colors to Wear: Black & Red

Article(s) of Clothing: Kicks, hoodies, fitted caps, jeans, & t-shirts

Kicks: J’s

Food: Pho, fried clams, pizza, and bacon egg-n-cheese biscuits

Drink(s) (non alcoholic): Water, Sunkist, and Canada Dry ginger ale

Beverage (alcoholic): Jameson and Heineken

Sport(s): Basketball, baseball, boxing, soccer, & skateboarding

Sports team(s): Boston Celtics, Boston Red Sox, Boston Bruins & New England Patriots (I was born in Boston people so dead the hate)

Basketball player(s): Larry Bird, Michael ‘Air’ Jordan, and Paul Pierce

Skateboarders: Stevie Williams, P.J. Ladd, Kareem Campbell, and Guy Mariano

Comic: The Punisher, Thor, Batman (Dark Knight), Spiderman, Moon Knight, The Avengers

Cartoon(s): Batman, Thundercats, Voltron, Boondocks, Avatar, and Duck Tales

Rappers: Wu-Tang Clan, AZ, Nas, OutKast, Busta Rhymes, and Jay Z

Book(s): Tao Te Ching, The Autobiography of Malcolm X, Notes From Underground, and Crime and Punishment

TV Show(s): The Wire, Dr. Who, The Sopranos, Parks and Recreation, The Office, and Breaking Bad

Movie(s): Papillon, The Town, The Departed, La Haine (The Hate, French film), The Blues Brothers, and The Anchorman

Aight let’s move on to women…yeah, it’s bout to get raw…

I’ve never liked the idea of having a “type” per se, I mean who likes to limit their life, especially in regards to the pulchritude of the female of the species…hahaha…but as I mellow out as a man, I have definitely determined through extensive trial and error what it is that I am partial to…

Brunettes…yup, I definitely have a thing for women with dark hair. I like a woman that is a lil on the tall side…but don’t get it twisted I don’t discrimihate on the petite shawtys out there who look fine as hell…OH, and don’t think only brunettes catch my eye…I gotta quote a great philosopher who once said in regards to the female form, “All are good, but some are better.” Hahaha, I love that quote (RIP J.C.D.)! But yo, the most important qualities to me consist of a calm and confident female who exudes an air of silent confidence…loud outspoken/judgmental females tend to have it all twisted and get no points in my book…what truly attracts me to a woman is her personality…so many people in general today are so self absorbed…HAHAHA, I mean look at me, this site, and this damn post, guess I’m guilty of something I don’t particularly care for…yet another contradiction! But yo, what I am getting at is ones heart…some people are just so cold and care nothing about the world we live in and are only concerned with their own existence. I’m no saint, but I do make an effort to be conscious of what I put out (positive energy) and hope to make a positive impact on the small window of this world I am allotted the opportunity to affect. I’ve been in decent relationships and I’ve been in toxic ones. Ultimately it would be refreshing to meet a down to earth female who knows what time it is in regards to kindness, love, respect, and understanding…life is hard enough to tackle on your own, I’m pretty sure the point to link up with another person is to make life BETTER not WORSE. I can’t stand and have no time for any type of ‘games.’ I recently have established some solid standards, which eliminates all types of pointless attempts to ‘make something work.’ At this point in my life, with so much of my energy focused on my art, I do not have the time or energy to play some foolish games (What up Jewel! haha)…I refuse to politick on some b/s…its real recognize real and if its real we can rock n roll.

Aight here are some vids to check out…


Legend: Larry Bird…

Michael Jordan – Fly With Me

La Haine (The Hate)


Wu-Tang Clan – The Heart Gently Weeps

Lakai Fully Flared – Guy Mariano

The Wire

Til the next episode…