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Fan Ran ft. Skweeky Watahfawls & Johnny Ciggs – “Hunnid Dolla Bills”

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Yo what it is, what it do?! So yo check it…if you haven’t seen this…ya late, and ya need to peep it…now.

Peep the links below to stay tuned to all the homies…
Fan Ran
Gritty City Records


Gritty City Records


Yo next up…

Gritty City Records.

Johnny Ciggs, Delta Automatik, Pandemic, Sirus The Virus, and Skweeky Watahfawls.

Yo you enjoy real rap?! Then, you’ll love Gritty City.

Hit the link and get familiar with these dudes and all their music. Check their latest offering via audio visual…

Delta Automatik – Barz for Dayz

Stay in tune with these dudes cuz they got a lot more sh!t coming on the way.