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One Way Richmond – Sinister Circus

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Yo what it is, what it do?! So yo…the folks over at One Way Richmond took the time to check out Sinister Circus and this is what they had to say, check it out!

Summer of Hip Hop – Richmond 2013/Part 1

Major shout out to One Way Richmond for taking the time to check out my latest.
More DOPE is on the way.

Stay tuned…


Joe Threat – Sinister Circus


Yo what it is, what it do?! So yo…check it…I just dropped my 2nd album…

Sinister Circus

And it’s available for FREE download, so go ahead and hit the link and add it to ya library of tunes.

Production by, Scolaro, Dr. Data, Fan Ran, & Octopus Drummer.
Executive Producer Octopus Drummer of Attic Boy Records.

Major s/o and thank you to ALL who played a part in this albums fruition and to ALL those who put up with me along the way and to all those who support, download my tunes, come to my shows, and motivate and inspire me everyday…THANK YOU.


Til the next episode…


Cuda Brown – Can I Get A Witness

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Yo what it is what it do?! So yo check it…

That dude Cuda Brown of Fugitive 9 is back wit some sickness…yo this MC stays spittin real shit and that is why he is on this blog. Dope lyrics homie…keep tellin these dumbfucks out here what time it really is. Peep the video below and get a taste of a mad MC who is beyond perturbed.

Cuda Brown – Can I Get A Witness

Cuda Brown – Bath Times for Bartholomew Bear

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What it do?! So yo check it…This dude here is part of the Fugitive 9 rhyme collective. His name is Cuda Brown and well…he’s got several words he’d like to share. Peep the video below and get a vivid glimpse into the world of a mad MC and uh…enjoy the naked chick in the bathtub! Haha…check it…

Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 11.13.45 AM

Cuda Brown – Bath Times for Bartholomew Bear

Fugitive 9 – Critical Massive



What it is?! So yo check it…Fugitive 9 is a collection of MCs or as they like to call themselves, “a collective of geniuses.” and they are…


Yo…this is that dope sh!t and you should have it in your life. So go ahead and click the link above to download their first volume of what I hope is many more projects on this level of lyrical prowess. In the meantime, here’s a lil taste of their sickness…

Delta Automatik – Time’s Up

Joe Threat @ The Yerb RVA (11.17.12)

Threat Thursday…